Where Escapist fantasies oscillate
between absurdity

about Landbreakers

Introducing Ashley Alexandra Wright, Thomas A. Bradley and Konrad Ross; three artists with dance, painting, music composition and garment design expertise.  

In intuitive dimensions of flow, the artists are driven by the subversion of their respective conditioning, renegotiating disciplines in search of the unimagined. Setting out to dissolve the void between performer and audience, LANDBREAKERS generates its own genre of storytelling through the exposition of creative effort. By intentionally exposing the audience to this typically hidden part of creation, the vulnerability, struggle, joy, and chaos of art-making is revealed. With sensuality of perception at the fore of the investigation, LANDBREAKERS disassemble the romance of form. They embrace universal histories whilst celebrating a place where escapist fantasies oscillate between absurdity and freedom, dismay and desire.

LANDBREAKERS is performed in public locations such as galleries, museums and urban landscapes as a performative installation lasting for several hours, often over consecutive days. Within this setup, viewers are encouraged to physically invade the space customarily reserved for performance. The intimacy between viewer and performer is critical to the work, as is a shared ‘I don’t know what will happen’ atmosphere. Both viewer and performer bear witness to the will of creation; the viewer merely holds back.  

LANDBREAKERS nudges them forward.  

As such, the audience may choose their proximity to the performance, up close or at a distance, lingering for its entirety or coming and going at will. They may be provoked into simple or participatory reactions, or enter into a playful dialogue with the performers.

Large, white rolls of paper cover the entirety of the surface of the floor. In a dance of his own, visual artist Konrad Ross attempts to capture fragments of intertwining trajectories and imprints of ‘being’ across the pristine paper. The traces accumulate over several hours, across successive performances to become a perplexity of colour, texture and narrative; metamorphic artworks that archive the experience of performer and viewer into a tangible ‘product'. At the end of the final performance of each location, the artworks thusly created on the paper surfaces are cut into different sizes. Viewers have the option to purchase any of the works created.

The performers wear garments designed and hand-made by Thomas A. Bradley. The garments, as unconventional, existential masses, are ‘up-cycled’ from second-hand clothing and fabric scraps. Their finely placed folds and pleats exaggerate the relation to the body as an organic extension, costume and sculpture. The sound, composed live by Ashley Wright, is compiled of eclectic field recordings, radio interviews, cultural cliches and manipulated pop songs.

LANDBREAKERS strives for an expansion of the social fields of perception; how to think, act and respond in a nuanced manner. It is a call to celebrate that which we know, with a simultaneous, collective allowance for change in the direction of the unfamiliar. In order to greet the unanticipated, not as yet experienced, an environment must be forgiving, but not lawless i.e. anything is an option, but not everything. Ultimately, LANDBREAKERS is permission towards another way of doing, to fundamentally reconsider our individual approach to collective progress.
THE Artists
Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, studied psychology in Austin, Texas. In 1996 he received his Diplôme National d'Arts Plastiques at the École d'Art de Mulhouse. In 1997 he was a guest student at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. The depth and complexity of Konrad Ross' art can only be explained by the wide range of influences to which he has devoted himself, as well as his deep commitment to his craft. In addition to the obvious references to art history, which are recognisable not only in the quoted motifs but also in the different techniques, Konrad Ross draws inspiration from literature, philosophy and ballet. His paintings often reveal an anthropologist's commitment to the unsettling mythical foundations of human culture as they reappear in contemporary art. His work is about identity, exploration, corporeality and ritual. He exposes the limits of the body and perspective, with distortions, imperfections and patina revealing the process by which art is created. Influenced by the poetry and ballet of William Forsythe, Ross invites the viewer on a multi-layered journey that takes them out of their comfort zone to the edge of their own physicality, beliefs and values. By engaging in esoteric practices and metamorphoses, Ross seeks to experience the full spectrum of humanity with the viewer. The finished work is language, image, emotion and physical act. Konrad's works are well represented in public and private collections. Konrad currently lives in Madrid and co-owns Tha House Gallery together with fellow artist Martina Rodrigues Moran.